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When I was younger, I was pretty sure, that in order to blog about software engineering you have to write the blogging engine for yourself on your own. Well, someone enjoys writing code, another one enjoys writing articles. That was a good reason to replace a fun of writing articles with another fun of writing a blog engines.

But when amount of thought to share reaches a critical value, then it is a time to get registered at some blogging engine, where you can do just blogging.

Just blogging. No bug fixings. No features introduction. No business logic analysis. No testing. Just writing.

I am not a native English speaker. But I am going to write about work and independent of my native language I work in English, and as per work, I think in English. So, this blog will be in English.

I assume there will be a bunch of grammar and style mistakes in my text. If you notice any of them, I would appreciate if you point my attention to that.

Despite this is supposed to be a kind of a corporate blog, I am going to write articles from the first person.

I lead is a company called Markusweb. We develop web software.

And the topics that I am going to write on are:

  • software development in general;
  • best practices from my experience;
  • customers and dealing with them.

So, I hope I will have enough inspiration to keep writing here.

At least, while writing this post, I have stored several drafts, on the topics I’d like to write on.